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  • Don't know what to say

    So you've worked hard for the last several years. How do you put the fact that you built a great relationship with Bob from Acme Widgets that benefitted the company an additional $8 million in business last year? What better than looking at some professional resumes of other people that have been exactly where you are today?

  • The answer to your worst fear: resume writing

    Ever wondered what the guy that's earning $50,000 more than you put on their resume to get there? Not only do you get to learn the career path of successful job seekers but you can use their expertise to learn the art of resume writing. Learn how to talk about how you created a new cell phone application and juggled time zones to get the new widget shipped from China to the U.S. on time. You know you did all these great things for the company but how do you explain it?

  • Your personal resume writer

    When you're done, you won't even recognize yourself on paper.

  • Learn from others

    You may be a project manager but wouldn't it be great to look at 12 other project managers to learn how they communicate the same tasks that you do day in and day out.

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